Meet the Bouting Dames…

Eat My Fairy Dust # 103

Dusty joined the team in January 2013 and loves it. She has served as Vice President in the past and is currently our President. She enjoys blocking, but jams from time to time. Dusty is a mother of two who love to come and watch the Dames kick butt! Aside from being a mother, wife, and Dame, she enjoys running and swimming on her off days. Dusty says that she couldn’t imagine herself not doing roller derby and now looks forward to many more years to come.


Vaga Bondage # 716

Meet Vaga Bondage (Vaga) She has been with the Naughty Pines since 2013.



1. What is your proudest accomplishment?
*Getting my Master’s degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration
2. What is one thing you will never do again?
*Eat chicken gizzards
3. How long have you been skating or involved with derby?
*Since the week I moved to Laramie – July 2013
4. How did you select your derby name and number?
*Since I work with college students I get asked this a lot (usually with a giggle or snicker involved). Short answer first: my number is the area code of my home town region in Western New York. Vaga Bondage came from the lifestyle I was living when I discovered derby. After college, I volunteered with AmeriCorps as a crew member for the Nevada Conservation Corps. As a crew member we worked 4 days in the field and had 3 days off, or 8 days on and 6 days off. On those long “weekends” my friends and I would travel around to different National Parks or cities. Having limited income and often only staying in one place overnight, we often slept in our tents (even when not in the field) and I essentially ended up “vagabonding around” for a year. Also, my favorite Jeopardy category is Before and After, hence the play on words.
5. List 3 things that you plan to accomplish in 2016?
*Jam like a boss
*Run more
*Finish painting my house

Venus ThyTrap # 47

Venus ThyTrap joined the Naughty Pines in February 2014 and can’t believe she ever lived without roller derby in her life. Venus may be a tree hugging botanist for the Forest Service off the track, but you won’t see a lot of hugging from this flower child during bouts! When not skating you will find her in the mountains skiing and hiking or busy growing organic veggies in her backyard greenhouse.


Hellin’ A Bucket # 106

Hellin’ a Bucket joined the Naughty Pines in June 2013, and she has been enjoying the ride ever since! As an eternal Deadhead, her name pays homage to one of her favorite Grateful Dead songs. On the track, she is an aspiring jammer who also likes to block. Off of the track, she is an archaeologist who manages the Office of the Wyoming State Archaeologist-Archaeological Survey Division. She is also an avid outdoor sport enthusiast who loves snow shoeing, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, trail running, camping, and all forms of skiing! See you on the track or in the mountains!

Dirty lil’ Lucy # 39

Dirty lil Lucy # 39, aka Lucy or as some like to call her, Dirty. This season will be her sixth with the team and she is currently on the Board of Directors. She has been both a blocker and a jammer over the years. She is known for hitting really hard, jumping over people, and being scary. The things she likes the most about roller derby are skating fast, hitting hard, and jumping over people.


13itch Cassidy #13

13itch Cassidy has been skating with The Naughty Pines since the beginning in 2009. As a kid, her plans were to be an outlaw or to skate in the roller derby when she grew up so she did both. On the track she enjoys jamming, blocking, and knocking opponents off their feet. Off the track she does all that other not-derby stuff.

BiPolar Roller #500

BiPolar Roller has been with the Naughty Pines since the start of the team in 2009, only taking a year off in 2012 to have her baby girl. This season Roller is the Events chair, but gives much credit to her teammates for helping to get things done. Roller is married with 4 children and works as a Certified Surgical Technologist at Ivinson Memorial Hospital. She is going back to school this fall to become a Nurse. She has loved watching how the Naughty Pines have grown as a team over the years, as well as gaining new friendships and support from her derby sisters. Roller is grateful for all of the support she has gotten not only from her team, but from her husband in watching the kids, her children, mother, sister, and her stepfather who also sponsors the team. Roller states, “It’s amazing because I can say that I have played fast-pitched softball with the University of Wyoming when it first started for 5 years, and now have played roller derby with Wyoming’s 1st roller derby team, the Naughty Pines Derby Dames.”


Eskimaul #19

Eskimaul has been skating since shortly after birth but has only been playing roller derby since 2011. Her derby name represents her Native Alaskan aka Eskimo background. She chose the number 19 because she is a Daddy’s girl and 19 is his softball number. Eskimaul doesn’t mind playing any position on the track but her favorite is being a blocker or head hunter. Off the track Eskimaul is the mother of two beautiful children and works as a carpenter. Her favorite part of being a derby girl is the derby family she has gained and the fact that she gets to spend quality time with her mother Kodiak Attacks side by side on the Track!

Kodiak Attacks #11

Kodiak’s favorite positions are jamming and blocking. Her favorite opponent (team or not), is her daughter, Eskimaul. Eskimaul pushes her to stay strong, and Kodiak is a firm believer that age is just a number! The best part of Roller Derby is spending time with Eskimaul on the track, and of course spending time with all of the great ladies out there. Kodiak went to Eskimaul’s first bout, and immediately wanted to throw on her skates and help her out! So she joined the same night. Due to that, she has been in derby since 2011. But she has skated since she could walk. She has done the same with her 5 children skating is now a part of their life. Kodiak also did speed skating and Roller Hockey. With both she went to Nationals! When not kicking butt on the track, Kodiak travels throughout the year with her 12 year old daughter. Her daughter is an amazing Inline Speed Skater! She is a National Champion on both inline and quad skates. Along with rocking the speed skating, she also does roller derby! Bonez Bechtel! Her daughter has had the amazing opportunity to have the world renowned Urkinn Jerkin’ as her coach. Along with rocking it out with the Naughty Pines, she travels and bouts with other teams, not just the NPDD, but the Naughty Pines have become her newest derby family!

RIDa Cruel #15

Meet RidaCruel (Rida) She is currently the Captain of the Naughty Pines.


1. If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be?


Skate on a banked track. I’ve only ever tried it twice; I know I’d be better at it now.



2. f you were a super-hero, what powers would you have?


Insta-roller skates has always been a dream super power of mine. Could be used for good or evil.

Good: Late to practice? Insta-Skates. Need to get somewhere in a hurry? Insta-Skates.

Evil: Worst enemy carrying heavy things up stairs: Insta-Skates. . .That’s all I could think of for evil. Looks like it’s mostly used for good.



3. If you had to describe yourself as an animal, which one would it be?


Liger. A mix between a Lion and Tiger just like I’m a mix between Blocker and Jammer.



4. How long have you been skating or involved with derby?


8 of the best years of my life.




5. How did you discover roller derby?


My mom and I saw a flyer. I was like “Oooh fun, we should go watch them play” where as Block Mom-ba said “Let’s go check out a practice” after our first practice we were hooked and have been involved in the Pines ever since.


6. What are your non-derby hobbies/activities/hidden talents?


There are non-derby activities?!?!?!?



7. What is your favorite derby move/play?


Apex jump, without a doubt.


8. What is your favorite thing about being involved with the Naughty Pines league?


The weird people I get to hang out with. I love everyone on the Pines. And if it weren’t for this team I might not know any of these amazing women in my life.



9. What would you say to encourage others to check out the Naughty Pines?


Just try it. I was crazy nervous about the whole idea when I started too. Everyone is. You’ll be glad you did.


Scream Punk #22

Scream Punk joined the team in March of 2013 and has loved roller derby since. She is a blocker who loves to juke when the star is on. Although she is majoring in Speech and Hearing at UW Scream Punk isn’t afraid to be loud on the track. And when the weather is nice, look out she may be skating your way!


Limb Hurtin’ #16

Limb Hurtin’ joined NPDD in 2013 and you will see her debut during the 2015 bouting season. An avid fan of her namesake Tim Burton and all things gothic and strange, Limb has made a most delightful addition to the team. She often dreamed of joining roller derby as we are glad she finally did because

For many days, while it lightninged and thundered,
Limb sat alone and obsessively wondered.
“Why is it they get to spread laughter and cheer
While I stalk the graveyards, spreading panic and fear?
Well, I could be a Derby Dame, and I could spread cheer!
Why do they get to do it year after year?”
Outraged by injustice, Limb thought and she thought.
Then she got an idea. “Yes. . .yes. . .why not!”

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