Meet the Refs, Coach, and NSOs…




Block Mom-ba joined the team as a skater in 2009 and skated in two bouts, one being with her daugher Rid a Cruel, but soon found out that becoming a skating official was more to her liking. She has attended numerous referee clinics, two RollerCon’s and has been a skating official as well as a non skating official for multiple tournaments and bouts. From 2010 thru 2012, Mom-ba was the Head Referee for the NPDD but her love for the sport was rejuvinated when she returned to the NPDD as the Head Referree for 2014. ┬áLast year she also became a Level 1 certified referee for WFTDA. Her main goals are to continue being fair, learning new rules as they are implemented, improving her skating skills as well as having a ton of fun. She would also like to thank the numerous volunteers that it takes to make a bout successful, as without them, none of this would be possible.

NSO: Darkwing Dutch

Darkwing Dutch, as he is known this month, is about as graceful as a sack of hammers. He is new to derby, Laramie and the world of having wheels strapped to your feet. Despite this, the Naughty Pines have been gracious enough to let him wear stripes and skate with them. Outside of practice, Dutch is pursuing dual degrees in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, following nine years in the United States Navy where he was a Submarine Nuclear Machinist Mate (a fancy way of saying he knows how to drink, curse and use a wrench.) He also likes to homebrew beers and ciders; play videogames; target and skeet shoot; and spend time outside with his mutts.

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