2015 season is here!


The Naughty Pines team is bigger and better than ever!  This season we have 36 dames on our team, a few new refs and NSOs, the same great coach and head ref, and 10 scheduled bouts! That includes the two-day WyoCup tournament in Rock Springs. Five of the bouts will take place at home, at the Laramie Ice and Events Center. Check ‘em out!


Banked Track Skating…my first experience


I feel like I’ve done a lot of difficult things in my life. And like everyone, I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs. But I can honestly say nothing strengthened me the way my first game on a banked track did.

It was hard. I can’t think of an English word to express just how hard it was.

There were muscles I used that I had never used before, the rules were different, it was MUCH more fast paced, and I skated against an amazing team (read: extremely good skaters).

Needless to say, most of my time was spent getting hit down and doing my best to get up as fast as I could. I think in a span of 2 minutes, I got knocked down, on average, 5-8 times. Try doing jumping squats straight for 10 minutes that still won’t compare to what I went through.

BUT! I’m SO glad I put myself through that. I’ve graduated from a competitive school with a difficult degree, published papers through a difficult grad school program, gotten a dance degree from a great dance academy, etc, etc. In short, I’m used to succeeding. This was the first time I was challenged in a way I’d never been before.

And the most beautiful thing about derby is the women around you. They will NEVER laugh at you for not being…uhh, less than stellar, we’ll say. They will go out of their way to help you, even if they’re on a different team.

In short, even though I came home bruised beyond belief, and sore for 5 days, I came out a stronger, happier woman. Proud that I can actually take a loss in a very self-winning manner. That’s just one of the great perks of being on the NPDD team!


-Dot Product

Operation Warm


Thanks to our success this year, NPDD was able to donate $150 to Operation Warm to help buy coats for elementary school children in Laramie, Centennial, Rock River, and Harmony, WY. Go team!

Turkey Curling 2010


Congrats to NPDD’s Sweet Cones curling team that won Laramie’s Turkey Curling 2010 competition! Also, thank you to the Ice and Event Center for donating all collected food to the Laramie food bank. It was a blast playing this weekend. Happy Turkey day to all!

NPDD Gives Back


Thank you to everyone who supported NPDD 2010. Because of your support and participation at home bouts, we were able to give back to the community again after a second successful year!



NPDD officers give $500 to Interfaith Executive Director Tom Martin, Office Manger Stacey Denham, and Americorps Volunteer Lori Choal…





… and another $500 to SAFE Project Outreach Coordinator Brittany Parsons.

Winning Season!


Way to go, fellow dames, for skating hard and winning our last game of the season in Pueblo, CO! With 3 wins and 2 losses this year, we’ve had a winning season! Thank you to all of our supporters who came to cheer us on at each bout as well. We love you all!

Foco Girls Gone Derby Recap


Thank you Evil I. from Foco for writing this up!

September 11th Bout Recap: Punchy Brewsters vs. Naughty Pines Derby Dames

By Eliaz “Evil I.” McMillan

Roller derby is just as much about building relationships as it is about skating, and it was for this reason we were excited to have the Naughty Pines Derby Dames, with whom we’ve only scrimmaged before, come down from Laramie, Wyoming for a bout to test our new away team, the Punchy Brewsters. We hope what the Pines took away was as valuable, from the experience and their win, as the lessons we learned, and the experience we gained from the bout.

The first half showed a close game with only a 10-point difference in the scores: Punchy Brewsters- 44 to the Naughty Pines- 54. The Pines gained lead jammer status two more times than the Brewsters, but no jammer scored as much in that first half as Misty Skull Krippler, number 24, of the Punchy Brewsters, who managed 21 points in the first period. She’s proven herself as a jammer, one of the highest scoring jammers in our last two bouts. The Brewsters only gave up 1 point while they had lead jammer status, in that first jam, though our jammers managed to score 6 points while the Pines had lead jammer status. Penalty-wise the Brewsters were certainly punchy, with 31 minors called to the Pines’ 17, though the Pines did get one more major called on them than our seven immediate trips to the box.

Penalties stayed high for us, though not as high in this second half as for the Pines, who saw #15, Rid-A-Cruel, expelled for too many trips to the box. Congratulations to the cleanest players on both teams. Sally Terry Confinement, number 6, for the Brewsters played a penalty free game and the Pines’ Razor Ribbons, #<3, as well as Nic Nak Booty Smack, #1331, and Misty Skull Krippler, for the Brewsters, were only called with one minor penalty each (forearms, elbows and skating out of bounds respectively). Other clean players for the Brewsters: Putcha Onya Pockets, with only 3 minors; Battle E. Portman (the box just wasn’t the same without her) only went to the box once with one major for low blocking and had only one minor; Mama McHurt, one minor penalty away from expulsion in our last bout seems to have cleaned up her act with only 4 minors and 1 major this time around.

It was the second half that really hurt us. Though Suga Smaxxx, Putcha Onya Pockets, and Spice Cadet all got in some good, clean hits, our defense was just not as strong in the second half. We gave up more points while we had lead jammer status (12 points in this second half, though the Pines gave up 17) and though we had lead jammer status as often as the Pines, our jammers weren’t able to get as many points. The final score was: Punchy Brewsters- 83 to Naughty Pines- 115, showing us with this defeat that though we seem to have all the right pieces we still have much to learn about how to put these pieces together.

NPDD is getting great news coverage!


Thank you to both the Branding Iron and Boomerang for covering our league before and after our final bout! The media coverage is much appreciated!

Sold Out Crowd!!


We would like to thank our fans for being so awesome! And of course a huge thank you to the ladies of the Magic City Rollers. What an awesome, feisty group of girls! It was great skating with you all. Magic City Rollers 165 – Naughty Pines 119.  The Pines came up a little short this time but loved every minute of it!

NPDD loves iMix 96.7!



As always, thank you to iMix for helping to promote our league and our bouts! Make sure to hear our updates on commercials and Cougar News. We LOVE you, iMix!


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